You should take breaks while at work,
but your servers shouldn't.

  • Monitor your Domains and log timing issues.
  • Improve your online time by reacting immediately.
  • Best of all: FREE during beta.
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Monitoring as it should be.

The aim is simple: Websites should stay online, but everyone who has ever worked on the web has experienced that awkward moment when a website can't be reached.

You often don't even know when your website goes offline, or you might not recognize the existence of a problem for a few days.

That's where comes in: You just give us the URL of the website you would like to monitor, and we check the website every 5 minutes to see if it's still alive (curl request which gathers the HTTP status as well as download times).

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Now with server monitoring!

Have you ever wondered why many web services offer lots of space for as low as 20$ per year? They often overbook their servers and let thousands of websites run on a single machine.
While this may work with a few sites that get low traffic, I'm sure you want your websites to be as fast as possible.

With our latest development you may now monitor the performance of your servers aswell.

All the features you need. offers pretty much everything your websites need: